ZEOLITE is the miraculous mineral with amazing healing effect. Many refer to it as the “stone of the future”. Mineral ZEOLITE (which belongs to the family of natural minerals, as its synthetic form) was first used to clean the water that has been contaminated by radioactive and similar pollution’s. During the Chernobyl catastrophe, it has been successfully used to prevent water contamination by radioactive substances.

Natural zeolite originated in ancient times from volcanic lava, when the volcanic rocks and ash came into contact with alkaline groundwater. The natural ZEOLITE itself has no useful features while it is not technologically processed, i.e. micronized, heat-treated, sterilized and hermetically kept so it could be used for human needs, and for other purposes (animal nutrition, land breeding, drinking water treatment, and wastewater treatment). For human use, the only allowed zeolite is the clinoptilolite which is rich with minerals, the sodium or calcium aluminosilicate.

In the technological process of mechanical activation the ZEOLITE is crushed to a size of microns, thus it increases its active surface, that way increases its adsorption capacity (binding particles for itself) and ion exchange capacity. Figuratively speaking, clinoptilolite looks like honeycomb, whose negative charge gives the ability of binding, ie. exchange of positive ions of microelements with ions of toxic metals and ions of other harmful substances from the environment that needs to be cleansed.

Numerous studies worldwide have confirmed that the ZEOLITE is the most powerful detoxifier, antioxidant and protector of immunity. The ZEOLITE cleans the body with hundred percent efficiency. It cleans the body from harmful impacts of organic and chemical toxins, primarily from heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, nickel, chromium and others.

Thanks to its molecular structure and negative charges, the zeolite act like a “cage” for capturing particles such as positively charged heavy metals and pesticides.

Experts believe that the ZEOLITE is absolutely safe for human consumption! Natural mineral clinoptilolite is mechanically micronized in order to obtain a powder of nano-sized particles.

Some people have heard of this mineral for the first time when some time ago there had been found that milk of certain manufacturers contained the concentration of harmful aflatoxin above permission, and ZEOLITE was used for livestock, because it led to reduction of the concentration of aflatoxin in milk. Additionally, it is successfully used in agriculture, where people treat arable land with it in order to cleanse the land from pesticides and other poisons.

So, from the above it is clear that ZEOLITE thanks to its structure has a great power of adsorption, neutralization and elimination of harmful substances such as: radioactive particles, aflatoxins, heavy metals, toxins of different origins, toxic gases and others. Thanks to this ability, it is very useful for the treatment of various pollution.

Some manufacturers of skin care products have recently recognized the zeolite for many benefits and added micronized zeolite to their reagents for skin care. Zeolite removes contamination of deep cleansing, purifying and detoxifying the skin.

The active ingredient of Silver Sab is SILVER ZEOLITE!


The antibacterial activity of silver and its compounds was well known in early history. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans used silver to prevent infections, and in the Middle Ages, silver was used to treat burns and wounds.

American settlers threw the silver coins in milk to prevent lactic-acid fermentation. The sailors on their long journeys put silver coins in barrels of wine and water to disinfect them in the 19th century.

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