Evro-Pan- Institut Ltd. is a family company in which we are all dedicated to the importance of preserving health and promoting ecology in society. It was established and registered in 2010, with headquarters in Pancevo. For the past six years, it has been in charge of supporting the development, research and academic education of future managers who will lead the company in the future.
Management team consists of three consultants and four permanent employees within the relevant professional areas related to product development and its market placement.
Commitment to the development of new products led to the beginning of practical work in 2016 when we decided to become the “Company for the production and sale of other chemical products”.
We are proud that the scientific knowledge of our key partners as well as our experience can enable each of us to significantly reduce the health risks through unique products and actively participate in the nature conservation.
The realization of a “healthy mission” and “healthy vision” of the family company is being started with the production and distribution of Silver Sab products.

We use nature’s gifts and the power of nanotechnology to provide people with a more secure
protection against viruses and bacteria and actively participate in the preservation of health and
the natural environment.

A healthier living and working environment that we create together with the members of our

Key partners:
Hemosab Tigre Ltd. Belgrade -Palilula
Tehnohemija – a company for trade and production of chemical and technical goods – AD.
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You can contact us at:

Address: Svetozara Markovića 106, 26000 Pančevo

Tel: +381 13 366 163


Tax identification number: 105013239

Company registration number: 20285117

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