Let us introduce you to the Silver Sab.

Silver Sab is natural disinfectant whose active ingredients are silver and zeolite. It is clear, colorless and odorless antibacterial liquid. It neutralizes odors and it is well biodegradable. It works quickly, but also prolonged and deep. It does not contain free chlorine, acids and bases, phenols, formaldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds.

We want to emphasize that it does not contain alcohol or any of its derivatives!

Does not lose activity in the presence of protein, soaps, bicarbonates, sulfates and chlorides of calcium and magnesium (hard water). Silver Sab does not foam. It is important that does not affect wood, rubber, plastic, glass, ceramic, enamel and chrome metals. Removes lime scale. There is no resistance of bacteria to the Silver Sab, and can be used continuously in daily disinfection. Dermatologically tested and does not cause skin irritation.

Effectively destroys many gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungal.

It has the following quality certificates: ISO 9001: 2015 and HACCP and HALAL.

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